Shas-A-Thon - The Entire Shas in One Day Under One Roof

Sruli Gold
Simcha Bulmash
מדף סח: עד דף עה.
מפרק ח' עד סוף פרק ח'

Dear Family and Friends,

Last year Simcha & I learned through parts of Masechta Shabbos as a Zchus for the many people that A TIME helps throughout the year. 

During the day spent at the Siyum, we got an in depth feel for the many services provided by A TIME as we had the opportunity to meet with many beneficiares of A TIME's services. 

We saw first hand how A TIME provides unique help in a caring and sensitive manner. We heard how they've been there through so many difficult situations, and we've seen the efforts of their labor pay off, when joy and happiness were brought to so many.

It is for these reasons that we are once again filled with great excitement and are looking forward to the upcoming Shasathon. This year we will again be joining as Shasathon Lomdim for a vigorous day of learning. Together we will finish the entire Shas in one day and under one roof.

Please consider sponsoring a Daf and join us in this tremendous zchus!

On behalf of the Staff at A TIME and the recipients of this wonderful cause, we thank you for your involvment and support.


Sruli Gold & Simcha Bulmash


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