Shas-A-Thon - The Entire Shas in One Day Under One Roof

Yosef Chaim Yafeh
מדף יג. עד דף כב:
מפרק ה' עד סיום שקלים

Dear Family and Friends,

This past  year i joined as a Shasathon Loimed for the first time it was a vigorous day of learning. Together we finished the entire Shas in one day and under one roof.There are no words to explain the feeling!

We all know someone struggling with infertility and we all want to do something about it. Is there a greater zchus than limud Torah? Can you imagine the merit of learning the entire Shas?

I’m asking of you my friends and family to please join me in this great undertaking. Please consider sponsoring a Daf and you will be a part of this great zchus!

I want to personally thank all those that sponsored me this year. And i would like to give a special Thank you to my wife Molly and to my in laws Eddie and Suzan Haber and family,Tizku Lemitzvot!


Yosef Chaim Yafeh


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