Shas-A-Thon - The Entire Shas in One Day Under One Roof

Eliezer Selengut
בבא בתרא
מדף ב. עד דף יא.
מהתחלה עד משנה

Dear Family and Friends,

With great excitement I’m looking forward to the upcoming Shasathon. This year I will be joining as a Shasathon Loimed for a vigorous day of learning. Together we will finish the entire Shas in one day and under one roof.

We all know someone struggling with infertility and we all want to do something about it. Is there a greater zchus than limud Torah? Can you imagine the merit of learning the entire Shas?

I’m asking of you my friends and family to please join me in this great undertaking. This is my chance to express my personal Hakaras Hatov for all ATIME has personally done for me and my family. I would appreciate if you would help out financially so that others can continue to benefit from this wonderful organization. 

I personally thank you for your involvement and forward the unspoken thanks of those couples who are surrounded by too-clean walls and too-quiet rooms every minute of their lives. The hope and dreams your support will enable is more potent than one can fathom.


Eliezer Selengut


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