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AY Turx
Raphael Tchiprout

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues and Acquaintances,

The sudden and shocking death of our close friend Reb Dovid Winiarz at such a young age has left us, as it has undoubtedly left the thousands of individuals who had known him well, wondering what could be done in his honor, moving forward. How could we best pay tribute to a man who accomplished so much and in such a short amount of time? How do we best preserve his astounding legacy? What would have meant the most to him, had his opinion been solicited on this very matter? The answers varied from person to person. For us, the answer was obvious.

The opportunity to join ATimes Shasathon had recently presented itself to us and we figured, what better a way to honor the soul of Dovid Avraham ben Chiya Kehus than by joining the three hundred dedicated scholars, who will be starting and finishing the entire shas, at the same time, and under one roof? By sponsoring this page you can not only have a part in this historic event, but youll be helping elevate the soul of our friend Reb Dovid Winiarz as well.

Additionally, ATime, the organization running this event, has established itself as working together with Jewish families across the world struggling with infertility. So by sponsoring our learning, not only do you memorialize the life of Dovid Winiarz, but you also assure that 100% of your donation goes towards the assistance of an entirely different household seeking to start their own family!

Make sure to sponsor this learning before the siyum, which will be taking place on the same day as Dovid Avraham ben Chiya Kehuss shloshim.

Were asking of you, our friends and family, to please join us in this great undertaking. We personally thank you for your involvement and forward the unspoken thanks of those couples who are surrounded by too-clean walls and too-quiet rooms every minute of their lives. The hope and dreams your support will enable is more potent than one can fathom.


Jake Turx & Raphael Tchiprout


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