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Dear Friends and Family, 
I have committed to be part of a very special day! The Shasathon for A-Time. For those of you who are not familiar , on February 19th,there will be 291 special people who will undertake to finish Shas in one day! Thats 2700 plus Pages of Gemara finished in one day under one roof. I am excited to be learning with my son Sonny BH. There are countless study hours that are put in before the BIG day to achieve this goal. 
So , why did I commit to this? To help raise money for this very special organization. By sponsoring me and my son below, you will be a part of something very very BIG!
I say Amazing Because, Basically they give the gift of LIFE. So many couples find themselves years into their marriage with no children. A-Time steps in and does everything humanly possible ( Sometimes even more than that!) to insure that these special people will one day be able to have children on their own and live a normal life. There are so many aspects of what they do. They are selfless and go way over the call of duty to help these special couples.  If interested to learn more, you can check his link . 
I personally thank you for your involvement in this endeavor. More than that, I forward the unspoken thanks of those couples who are surrounded by too-clean walls and too-quiet rooms every minute of their lives. The hope and dreams your support will enable is more  than one can fathom.
Please checkout my personal page here and make a donation by credit or debit card to A-Time: 
If it is easier for you to make out a check you can make to A-Time and mail to 
Joey Chehebar
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Joey Chehebar & Sonny Chehebar

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