Shas-a-Thon 5779   |   Feb 17, 2019   |   י"ב אדר א' תשע"ט
Avrumi Fruchter

Dear Family and Friends,

With thanks to Hashem, I’ve joined as one of just 290 Lomdim who will complete the entire Shas together in one day, under one roof to support couples on the lonely journey to fertility.

It’s a huge privilege, but honestly, a little nerve-wracking too:

Will I find the quiet time needed to focus and prepare? Can I sit in one seat for six hours, concentrating on each line of Gemara and Rashi? Will I complete my Dafim in time to ensure the Siyum?

Yes, the “pressure” is on—but of course, it is for a challenge that I chose, that I want, that I am excited to experience on Sunday, 12 Adar I.

For so many couples hoping to have a child, every day brings a cycle of pressure, nerves and challenges they never asked for, with no set “siyum” date for their struggle. Every day brings experiences that make them want to finally give up.

Why don’t they?

From the moment a couple detects a challenge until the day they hold their own child, ATIME is at their side providing logistical guidance, emotional support and financial assistance.

For these next few weeks, I’m pushing myself to reach the finish line for this amazing organization. On February 17, I will happily sit in one seat for over six hours, completing Shas to benefit ATIME couples.

Please join me by sponsoring my learning. You can donate lizchus the incredible work of ATIME, or for anyone who needs a special Yeshua. I encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone as well, and may our shared efforts break whatever barriers are holding back the Bracha for our friends!

Thank you for making this possible,

Avrumi Fruchter

Scanned: 5:30 PM
ראש השנה דף כ"ד
Scanned: 5:30 PM
ראש השנה דף כ"ג
Scanned: 5:30 PM
ראש השנה דף כ"ב
Scanned: 5:30 PM
ראש השנה דף כ"א
Scanned: 5:30 PM
ראש השנה דף י"ט
Scanned: 5:30 PM
ראש השנה דף י"ח
Scanned: 5:30 PM
ראש השנה דף כ"ה
Scanned: 4:37 PM
ראש השנה דף כ"ו
ראש השנה
מדף יח. עד דף כו: ממשנה עד משנה

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