Shas-a-Thon 5781   |   January 31, 2021   |   ח"י שבט תשפ"א
E / CN / S - Colev Brody
E / CN / S - Shayma Gewirtzman

Dear Family and friends,

It was another day
dear sister and brother
for our friend at sea
just like any other

The water was glistening
the sky was singing its praise
as his boat rocked to and fro
to the beat of the waves

The ocean was his home
He knew it quite well
the thrill of its vastness
made his heart swell

And then it happened
his true greatest fear
the boat sprung a leak
in middle of nowhere

He tried all he could
to repair his old boat
with its heart now broken
how would he he stay afloat

He jumped out to safety
holding tight to a log
as doubt began to swirl
through the very dense fog

I'm alone out here he cried
with no one in sight
with each wave carrying him closer
to the moons bright light

As legend has it
he floated back to land
with his family waiting for him
as he reached the sand

The greatest pain was not the waves
as i was floating at sea
the pain of loneliness was greater
than the pain of uncertanty

Well you see my friends
as sad as this may be
the pain couples go through
can be defined as lonely

Waiting and hoping
perhaps today is the day
when i finally reach
the sand at the bay

A-time is there
to hold our friends' hand
to be there and guide them
till they reach the sand

It is my hope and prayer
that this year is the last
for A-time and Shas-a-Thon
may Mashiach come fast.


Colev Brody

מדף לא. עד דף מ: מפרק ו' עד משנה
Shasathon Amount Slot
5776 $2,000 שבועות י-יט
5777 $2,616 סוטה יא-כא
5778 $4,063 עבודה זרה ב-יא
5779 $741 סנהדרין צד-קד
5780 $7,300 סוטה מ-מט
$17,080 Total Raised

סוטה דף ל"ב
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Boruch Fryer